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things to do near Benahavis in July

Inland temperatures soar in July so we’d always suggest staying on the coast in the daytime, and only going inland for evening events.  There’s a lot of things to do near Benahavis in July, in particular close by in Estepona – which is the municipality that backs on to Benahavis.

The Virgen del Carmen FestivalVirgen del Carmen Estepona

16 July 2017

Held in honor of the Patron Saint of fisherman and the sea, this festival is held every July on the 16th, however some towns celebrate before and after that day as well.  You will find celebrations going on in all the main fishing ports of the Costa del Sol – Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola and Malaga.

Normally an image of the Virgin on a throne is paraded through the town, often carried by a group of men, led by a brass band. The Virgin is then placed onto a boat and floated around the bay, accompanied by local fishermen on their boats decorated with flowers and lanterns. It’s quite a beautiful sight.

For those who don’t have a boat, the locals get involved from the beachside, having picnics, throwing flowers in to the sea and watching the firework display. In Marbella the celebration includes a boat procession between the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella and Puerto Banus and there are performances by the local flamenco dance schools.

Catch one of these celebrations and you’ll see how the Spanish like to have fun!

Estepona Feria

4 to 9 July 2017

Estepona Feria, Things to do near Benahavis in JulyFor six days and six nights everything is a party in Estepona. It’s a great event for the whole family to go to. It kicks off with a massive firework display off the beach. Then during the day the party is in town, where there are parades, live music, food and drinks in stalls setup by the bars and restaurants. In the evening everyone moves up to the Fair ground which is just on the edge of town. It’s huge and noisy and something you must experience at least once when you are in Spain. Lit with thousands of light bulbs, the night fair goes until 6 in the morning, but you will see every age group there, from a new born to it’s Grandma. There are fairground rides, booming music, tents with more traditional music and tapas, stalls of tortillas de camarones (shrimp fritters) chocolate churros (like donuts) and candy floss. It’s an assault on your senses, the kids love it, teenagers love the Club music (and so do us adults if we’re flying solo!).

Find a great Beach Bar and RelaxBeach Bar, Things to do near Benahavis in July

Beach Bars in Spain are known as Chiringuitos. They are normally the more rustic one’s serving Spanish cuisine rather than the upmarket Beach Clubs. They are dotted all the way along the coast.   We have favourites nearby Capanes del Golf, such as Guayaba in San Pedro, El Velerin on the way to Estepona and Kala Kalua also on San Pedro beachfront to name just a few. Take a seat, enjoy the breeze, eat your favourite meat or seafood with a glass of wine or chilled beer – and relax.  Nothing more complicated than that!

Visit Tarifa to Cool off

Tarifa, Things to do near Benahavis in JulyTarifa is just an hours drive from Benahavis and the Costa del Sol, but it’s another world. It is on the Costa de la Luz, which is wilder, often very windy, has beautiful beaches and is a surfers paradise. Even if you don’t surf though, the bohemian vibe of the chiringuitos (see above) dotted along the coast line can’t fail to disappoint.

Tarifa Town, Things to do near Benahavis in JulyThe old walled town of Tarifa itself is definitely worth a visit as well. It’s tiny little cobbled lanes are full of restaurants, bars and little boutique hotels and shops. The town comes alive late in the evening after about 11pm – typical of Spain! If you want to stay over anywhere in Tarifa you’ll need to book well in advance as its gets very busy in July and August.  Any time of year is a great to visit the “Coast of Light”.


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