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Things to do near Benahavis in August

Although sun, sea and sand are what most people come to the Costa del Sol for, there are lots more things to do near Benahavis in August.  On the cultural front, it’s Malaga Feria time – one of the biggest fairs in Spain, and to balance things out, we’re taking a visit to the stunning inland lakes at El Chorro. These sights are poles apart, but neither should be missed!

Malaga Feria 2017Malaga Feria, Things to do near Benahavis in August

12 – 19 August

The Malaga Fair is held in two zones of the city:

Day Fair

Held in the centre of town, the Daytime Fair is visited every year by upward of 2 million people from around the world, both Spanish and tourists who come to enjoy the live music, dance performances, local food and drink. All the streets are decorated with paper lanterns and flags and the atmosphere is always fun and friendly.  Suitable for every age group.

Malaga Feria, Things to do near Benahavis in AugustNight Fair

After the daytime celebrations finish (around 6pm), most of the locals go and have a rest not surprisingly, and get ready for the Night Fair.  This is located on the edge of town on a plot specially designated for the Feria every year. You can’t miss it if you’re driving past on the motorway, everything is lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s a huge area full of fun fair rides, fairground games and food stalls selling all sorts of traditional snacks and tapas. There are also the “Casetas” which are huge marquees where you will find some form of music – it could be anything from traditional Spanish folk music to a local rock band. In most of the Casetas you can get a seat and buy some food and drink, but some are more like a nightclub.  Wherever you go, get ready for a cacophony of noise and lights everywhere – this is the Malaga Night Fair!

El Chorro and the Lakes

Any time

El Chorro, Things to do near Benahavis in AugustEl Chorro is an idyllic destination for lovers of nature and outdoor sports, or simply for people who are looking for a bit of piece and quiet away from the busy coast and the heat.

It is one of the most complete and beautiful natural areas of Andalucia, located about 1 ½ hours drive from Capanes del Golf in Benahavis, 1 ¼ hours from Marbella and 1 hour from Malaga Airport. Its stunning landscape and hydrological features are a beautiful surprise, and one that’s been kept fairly quiet by native Spaniards until recent years.

El Camito del Rey (The King’s Little Pathway)

This is the best known and most dangerous point of El Chorro.  El Caminito del Rey is a footbridge suspended above the cliffs of the Sierra Huma in the Gaitanes Gorge. The gorge is a massive 4km length, has sheer walls towering up to 400m in places, and narrowing to just 10m wide at certain points. The incredible pathway that leads to the footbridge hangs off the cliff face. It has recently been re-built so that visitors can now go up without climbing gear and without fearing for their lives!  You can however in places still see what the original one looked like, in case you need a reminder.  The views are extraordinary and a dream for photographers, but it is still a massive drop down if you’re not keen on heights.

Ardales Caves

Whilst in the area you can also visit the fascinating Ardales caves which were formed more than 120 million years ago.  Here you will find one of the largest collections of rock art in Europe and inside you can see silhouettes of more than 56 different animals from the Solutrean era as well as female figures.

Ardales, Things to do near Benahavis in AugustConde del Guadalhorce Lake

This beautiful turquoise lake is one of the 3 man-made reservoirs in the area. The wooded areas around the lake have been turned into lovely shaded camping areas with picnic tables and barbecue areas.  There’s a soft breeze coming through the trees, or you can cool off and enjoy a swim in the lake or even rent a pedalo or canoe.  It’s a romantic and relaxed place to come as a couple, or as active as you like for families.  There is also a small restaurant on the site which we’re told is very good. We will be trying it out very soon.



If you love to hike then El Chorro is a perfect place to explore. It has many hiking trails of varying difficulty – the Path of the Gaitanejo, the Mirador de las Buitreras and the Viewpoint of the Reservoirs are the three points that you shouldn’t miss if you decide to get your walking boots on.

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