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Things to do near Benahavis in September

With tourist season coming to end, but the weather still balmy and warm, this month is one of our favourite times of the year.   Here is a selection of some of the things we are getting up to near Benahavis this September.

Polo Tournament Tarifa

Tarifa Beach Polo World Cup

16 – 17 September

The spectacular beaches of Tarifa, at the southern most tip of Spain, are the location for this great sporting event. Tarifa is about an hours drive from Benahavis and Estepona. This often windy and less developed area is normally a Windsurf and Kite mecca, but once a year now plays host to this exciting polo tournament.

Even if you’re not a horse enthusiast, it’s a fun and dramatic event to witness. The beaches in this area are sufficiently firm for the game of polo, so you can expect a fast, thunderous game played by some of the best riders in Europe. Visit for just one day of the tournament, or go for both and stay over night. There is a full range of excellent hotels to stay in, either in the old town of Tarifa itself, or dotted along the coast.  Lots of choice for every budget.

We highly recommend this polo tournament, and Tarifa is a beautiful area to visit, especially this time of year.

Held on Playa de los Lances, Tarifa at the following times:

Saturday 16 September – 5pm to 7pm

Sunday 17 September – 2pm to 4pm

Food Event near Benahavis“’Taste of Malaga” in Coín

15 – 17 september

SABOR A MÁLAGA meaning “Taste of Malaga” is a project that was started in 2011 by the local Council, based on the rich variety of products and raw ingredients that are produced in the fields, warehouses, mills, farms and dairies of Malaga province.

From the 15 to the 17th September, Coín is holding a Fair to celebrate the products from its area, in particular from the Guadalhorce Valley. This beautiful and fertile area is located about half an hour inland of Marbella. It contains the Guadalhorce River which, with its tributaries, has created a landscape of vegetable gardens and orchards of high ecological value. This is the result of the work and efforts of many generations, as well its superb climate, rich soils and a great biodiversity.

At the Sabor a Malaga Fair there will be workshops and tastings and of course the opportunity to buy and take home some of the fantastic local produce.

Marbella Senior Masters CupMarbella Senior Masters Cup

28 – 30 September

With the weather cooling down there are more sporting events in the area, and this one is classic. Between the 28th and 30th of  September some of the best tennis players of all time will take part in the Senior Masters Cup held at the Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella. This year, witness the brilliance of these Senior players: John McEnroe, Carlos Moyá, Mats Wilander, Yannick Noah, Albert Costa, Pat Cash y Sebastien Grosjean.

The Puente Romano Tennis Club is located in the middle of the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. This hotel is one of the best in Marbella, having had many famous people go through its doors since it was built 1974. The tennis club has a permanent stadium that holds 3000 spectators and a total of 10 tennis courts, so it’s the perfect place to host the Senior Masters Cup.

La Concha MarbellaClimbing la Concha

Anytime September

This is something most locals, and many visitors, will do at some point during their stay on the Costa del Sol, because you just can’t miss La Concha. La Concha is the stunning mountain that is the backdrop to Marbella and can be seen for miles around. Look up and the temptation is always to climb. If you don’t think you’re fitness level is high enough for the big one, don’t worry, the country walks around the base of the mountain are just as beautiful.

Standing at 1200m, La Concha means “shell” in Spanish. You can reach the base of the mountain two ways. First drive up either the Marbella-Istan Road, or follow the Marbella-Ojen Road and look out for the El Refugio de Juanar turn off.

We’ve always taken this second route, as the first part is easy if you don’t want to climb the full summit. When you get to the Refugio or “Base Camp” as some like to call it, there are some great picnic spot areas and easy parking.

Just in case, it is recommended that you bring water, sunscreen, a fully charged mobile phone and let someone know you are going up! If in doubt find a professional guide to take you up safely. You can find a guide and all the routes online.

Whichever way you take expect to see beautiful olive groves, pine trees and mountain flowers as well as some local wildlife such as eagles and owls. The summit takes about four hours to reach depending on how fit you are. The gentler walk without going to the summit takes about an hour and a half.THINGS TO DO NEAR BENAHAVIS IN SEPTEMBER

We must remind you that at times the higher areas to the summit are dangerous and not recommended for children. We went up on a clear day which was stunning, amazing views of the coast all the way to Gibraltar, but a bit scary for anyone who doesn’t like heights! Friends of ours went up and got caught in a thunder and hale storm which was not funny, so please be careful, check your weather and stay safe.

Thanks for reading this month’s ideas of things to do near Benahavis in September. Come and experience real Andalucia with us, and stay in a luxury apartment in Capanes del Golf, Benahavis.

For all your local knowledge, and your property needs, contact us at Capanes Luxury Living, we’ll help you explore!

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