Obama visits Seville and attends World Travel Summit

We were excited to hear that Ex President Barack Obama was in Spain recently!  Shame he didn´t have time to visit us in Marbella.

A few years ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming his wife Michelle Obama to Marbella. We saw her private security helicopter fly over Capanes del Golf! She stayed in Hotel Villa Padierna which is located just a few kilometres from Capanes del Golf.

Obama was in Spain as he was the main Keynote Speaker at the WTTC global summit in Seville.

Obama arrived in Seville in the early hours of a sunny Wednesday morning and stayed at the city’s most iconic hotel, the Alfonso XIII

Whilst at the summit, the ex president of the United States held a brief meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

capanes del golf se vende

Obama was taken on a sightseeing tour of the city which included a trip to Real Alcazar and tapas in the old town. He toured behind a strict security barrier with no photographers allowed access. We hope he enjoyed a flamenco performance as Sevilla is a great city to watch.

At the summit, Obama took to the stage to speak to 2000 delegates about his own travels. He also spoke about women´s rights, migration and the future of today’s youth, an issue particularly close to his heart since he left the White House in 2017.

His elder daughter Malia is possibly responsible for Obama coming to Seville as she spent several months in the city studying.

Obama said that his most memorable travels around the world had been with his family. Now his daughters are 17 and 20 years old he said he won´t have much time left to enjoy travelling as a family.

The summit was attended by numerous tourism ministers from around the world. As well as business owners and also Mexico´s former president Felipe Calderón. Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta was also present for the talks.

Capanes del Golf apartments for sale

Obama expressed his concerns that future generations might not have so many opportunities to travel. If the oceans rise a few centimetres more, he said, “some of the most spectacular parts of the world we always want to visit might not survive”.

Obama has been writing his memoirs and talked about his trip as a young man to Kenya to visit his fathers family.

The issue of climate change was top of his agenda when he met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. They also discussed youth unemployment, situation of women and also how building walls against immigration was not a path to follow.

You can follow in Obama´s footsteps and easily visit Seville from Capanes del Golf. When you leave the entrance of Capanes, turn left, jump on the toll road down to Sotogrande then take the road towards Jerez. It takes around 2 hours to drive to Seville.

You can visit Seville as a day trip but we highly recommend you spend a night or two in the city to soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant city.

Just don´t go in the summer it´s extremely hot! They call Seville “The Frying Pan of Spain!”

If you are looking to buy dream holiday home in Capanes del Golf, or would like to rent an apartment for long term living please contact us. Capanes is a lovely place to live year round!




Puerto Banus bullring to re-open in June 2019! A full programme of Cultural events is planned!

The old Bullring in Puerto Banús has been closed since 2010. The last event Capanes Luxury Living went to in the Bullring was to see the famous flamenco dancer Joaquin Cortes. It was the perfect setting to see him in action!

The Bullring in Puerto Banus is located just up the hill and overlooking the sea. It is undergoing extensive works to convert it into a multi purpose Arena. It will become a first class venue for cultural and sporting events.

capanes del golf for sale

capanes del golf for sale

The company responsible for the renovations is Grupo Teatro Goya. They are from Madrid and also transformed the old cinema in Puerto Banus.

They have invested 30 million euros into this bullring project. The company will adapt the bullring to make it suitable for all sorts of shows, concerts, exhibitions and presentations.

The first phase is due to be completed in May 2019. The arena will be ready to open its doors towards the end of June 2019.  Just in time for the summer!

Sunset Events are the firm responsible for the programme of events scheduled to take place this summer.

Their programme will feature live music including classical, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Folk, Reggae, Jazz, Indie and Latin concerts lined up.  We are really looking forward to all of this!

The Puerto Banus Bullring is only a 10 minute drive from Capanes del Golf.  We can jump in the car and within 10 minutes be there experiencing sports events, theatre performances and more. Then back home to some peace and quiet surrounded by nature.

Capanes del golf for sale

capanes del golf for sale

Some of the major events they have confirmed for the summer are flamenco stars Diego ‘El Cigala’, Navajita Plateá and Farruco and family; a night of Spanish pop music; Cuban artiste Pablo Milanés; a Hip Hop festival; a Latino festival; a musical My Way about the life of Frank Sinatra and a concert by The Wailers, Bob Marley’s legendary band.

Which one of these would you love to attend?!

If you´d like to find out more about the luxury urbanisation of Capanes del Golf please contact us. We can help you find your dream home in this 5* Star, sought after location.

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Antonio Banderas Malaga Theatre Project to be even bigger than first planned!

We are super excited about this new project in Malaga City Centre! You may know that the famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas was born and raised in Malaga, Spain. He is very passionate about his home town and is investing millions into the Arts.

Antonio lives in Malaga and has recently starred in a film about Picasso who was also born in Malaga.


The new Teatro de Soho Caixabank will seat nearly 900 people

The recent changes to the Teatro de Soho Caixabank Project, will see a bigger performing arts venue than the one he originally planned.

Revised plans submitted to the planning authorities in Malaga will now include the second floor of the old Teatro Alameda in Malaga.  It used to be used as an additional room for small screenings.

This will mean that there is now space for 896 seats and will restore the main auditorium to its original ceiling height.

Other changes include a bar, restaurant and another space for productions.  The facades will create the impression that they are part of the theatre and will flow perfectly.


The Teatro de Soho Caixabank is due to be completed 15 July 2019. We are looking forward to receivng our tickets to the opening!

We are hoping that the Theatre will attract big name actors and actresses to Malaga. With Antonio´s name behind we are sure this will happen!

Antonio Banderas owned a villa in Marbella but had problems with the boundary wall and planning. Here in Capanes del Golf, properties for sale are fully legal and have first occupation licenses. Capanes Luxury Living are here to help you find your dream home!

Feel free to contact us if you are looking to buy, sell or rent an apartment in Capanes del Golf.

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Town Hall improvements for Estepona Area, NEAR BENAHAVIS

Our development Capanes del Golf, is about 5 minutes drive inland from the municipality of Estepona, so plans for that area are always of interest to us. If we go to the beach, this is where we often go. If we are looking at schools, shops, restaurants and bars then we move around between Estepona and Benahavis itself.

So here we have some local news on developments in this area.New coastal pathways in Estepona, near Benahavis

Firstly the council has installed a new bridge on the beach running from the Las Cañas stream to create a new stretch of coastal corridor. The new wooden structure connects the urbanisations Hacienda Beach and La Chimenea. The construction includes a pedestrian footpath and landscaping which will enable people to walk, or run, uninterruptedly for 1.2 kilometres by the sea. Eventually these stretches that are being built will all join up so that you will be able to go from Estepona Port for 15 kilometres of coast through pedestrian pathways.  It will be a real boost to our beach area.

Furthermore,  3 new green and leisure areas have been assigned to Cancelada, a small town about 10 minutes drive away from Benahavis. The first 26,000 square meters has been assigned as a 7-a-side soccer field and a recreational area with gardens and bio-health circuits. Access to these facilities will be free and open to the public soon.

New green areas in Estepona, near BenahavisThe second green area that has been developed is a meeting and leisure point for locals of about 7,500 square meters, which includes games tables and street furniture, gardens and trees. And finally, the third area of 14,000 square meters is being converted into a large public park with a pedestrian circuit and sports area.  Green areas are being conserved to be enjoyed by all, and will include a playground for children, a petanque alley outdoor gymnasium. More green areas are being generated close by in Bel-Air, as Estepona continues its promotion to be the “Garden of the Costa del Sol”.

Capanes del Golf is ideally located as it benefits from these busier coastal areas being re-generated, but at the same time still retains its tranquil luxury environment in the countryside of Benahavis.

Things to do near Benahavis in September

With tourist season coming to end, but the weather still balmy and warm, this month is one of our favourite times of the year.   Here is a selection of some of the things we are getting up to near Benahavis this September.

Polo Tournament Tarifa

Tarifa Beach Polo World Cup

16 – 17 September

The spectacular beaches of Tarifa, at the southern most tip of Spain, are the location for this great sporting event. Tarifa is about an hours drive from Benahavis and Estepona. This often windy and less developed area is normally a Windsurf and Kite mecca, but once a year now plays host to this exciting polo tournament.

Even if you’re not a horse enthusiast, it’s a fun and dramatic event to witness. The beaches in this area are sufficiently firm for the game of polo, so you can expect a fast, thunderous game played by some of the best riders in Europe. Visit for just one day of the tournament, or go for both and stay over night. There is a full range of excellent hotels to stay in, either in the old town of Tarifa itself, or dotted along the coast.  Lots of choice for every budget.

We highly recommend this polo tournament, and Tarifa is a beautiful area to visit, especially this time of year.

Held on Playa de los Lances, Tarifa at the following times:

Saturday 16 September – 5pm to 7pm

Sunday 17 September – 2pm to 4pm

Food Event near Benahavis“’Taste of Malaga” in Coín

15 – 17 september

SABOR A MÁLAGA meaning “Taste of Malaga” is a project that was started in 2011 by the local Council, based on the rich variety of products and raw ingredients that are produced in the fields, warehouses, mills, farms and dairies of Malaga province.

From the 15 to the 17th September, Coín is holding a Fair to celebrate the products from its area, in particular from the Guadalhorce Valley. This beautiful and fertile area is located about half an hour inland of Marbella. It contains the Guadalhorce River which, with its tributaries, has created a landscape of vegetable gardens and orchards of high ecological value. This is the result of the work and efforts of many generations, as well its superb climate, rich soils and a great biodiversity.

At the Sabor a Malaga Fair there will be workshops and tastings and of course the opportunity to buy and take home some of the fantastic local produce.

Marbella Senior Masters CupMarbella Senior Masters Cup

28 – 30 September

With the weather cooling down there are more sporting events in the area, and this one is classic. Between the 28th and 30th of  September some of the best tennis players of all time will take part in the Senior Masters Cup held at the Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella. This year, witness the brilliance of these Senior players: John McEnroe, Carlos Moyá, Mats Wilander, Yannick Noah, Albert Costa, Pat Cash y Sebastien Grosjean.

The Puente Romano Tennis Club is located in the middle of the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. This hotel is one of the best in Marbella, having had many famous people go through its doors since it was built 1974. The tennis club has a permanent stadium that holds 3000 spectators and a total of 10 tennis courts, so it’s the perfect place to host the Senior Masters Cup.

La Concha MarbellaClimbing la Concha

Anytime September

This is something most locals, and many visitors, will do at some point during their stay on the Costa del Sol, because you just can’t miss La Concha. La Concha is the stunning mountain that is the backdrop to Marbella and can be seen for miles around. Look up and the temptation is always to climb. If you don’t think you’re fitness level is high enough for the big one, don’t worry, the country walks around the base of the mountain are just as beautiful.

Standing at 1200m, La Concha means “shell” in Spanish. You can reach the base of the mountain two ways. First drive up either the Marbella-Istan Road, or follow the Marbella-Ojen Road and look out for the El Refugio de Juanar turn off.

We’ve always taken this second route, as the first part is easy if you don’t want to climb the full summit. When you get to the Refugio or “Base Camp” as some like to call it, there are some great picnic spot areas and easy parking.

Just in case, it is recommended that you bring water, sunscreen, a fully charged mobile phone and let someone know you are going up! If in doubt find a professional guide to take you up safely. You can find a guide and all the routes online.

Whichever way you take expect to see beautiful olive groves, pine trees and mountain flowers as well as some local wildlife such as eagles and owls. The summit takes about four hours to reach depending on how fit you are. The gentler walk without going to the summit takes about an hour and a half.THINGS TO DO NEAR BENAHAVIS IN SEPTEMBER

We must remind you that at times the higher areas to the summit are dangerous and not recommended for children. We went up on a clear day which was stunning, amazing views of the coast all the way to Gibraltar, but a bit scary for anyone who doesn’t like heights! Friends of ours went up and got caught in a thunder and hale storm which was not funny, so please be careful, check your weather and stay safe.

Thanks for reading this month’s ideas of things to do near Benahavis in September. Come and experience real Andalucia with us, and stay in a luxury apartment in Capanes del Golf, Benahavis.

For all your local knowledge, and your property needs, contact us at Capanes Luxury Living, we’ll help you explore!

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Things to do near Benahavis in August

Although sun, sea and sand are what most people come to the Costa del Sol for, there are lots more things to do near Benahavis in August.  On the cultural front, it’s Malaga Feria time – one of the biggest fairs in Spain, and to balance things out, we’re taking a visit to the stunning inland lakes at El Chorro. These sights are poles apart, but neither should be missed!

Malaga Feria 2017Malaga Feria, Things to do near Benahavis in August

12 – 19 August

The Malaga Fair is held in two zones of the city:

Day Fair

Held in the centre of town, the Daytime Fair is visited every year by upward of 2 million people from around the world, both Spanish and tourists who come to enjoy the live music, dance performances, local food and drink. All the streets are decorated with paper lanterns and flags and the atmosphere is always fun and friendly.  Suitable for every age group.

Malaga Feria, Things to do near Benahavis in AugustNight Fair

After the daytime celebrations finish (around 6pm), most of the locals go and have a rest not surprisingly, and get ready for the Night Fair.  This is located on the edge of town on a plot specially designated for the Feria every year. You can’t miss it if you’re driving past on the motorway, everything is lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s a huge area full of fun fair rides, fairground games and food stalls selling all sorts of traditional snacks and tapas. There are also the “Casetas” which are huge marquees where you will find some form of music – it could be anything from traditional Spanish folk music to a local rock band. In most of the Casetas you can get a seat and buy some food and drink, but some are more like a nightclub.  Wherever you go, get ready for a cacophony of noise and lights everywhere – this is the Malaga Night Fair!

El Chorro and the Lakes

Any time

El Chorro, Things to do near Benahavis in AugustEl Chorro is an idyllic destination for lovers of nature and outdoor sports, or simply for people who are looking for a bit of piece and quiet away from the busy coast and the heat.

It is one of the most complete and beautiful natural areas of Andalucia, located about 1 ½ hours drive from Capanes del Golf in Benahavis, 1 ¼ hours from Marbella and 1 hour from Malaga Airport. Its stunning landscape and hydrological features are a beautiful surprise, and one that’s been kept fairly quiet by native Spaniards until recent years.

El Camito del Rey (The King’s Little Pathway)

This is the best known and most dangerous point of El Chorro.  El Caminito del Rey is a footbridge suspended above the cliffs of the Sierra Huma in the Gaitanes Gorge. The gorge is a massive 4km length, has sheer walls towering up to 400m in places, and narrowing to just 10m wide at certain points. The incredible pathway that leads to the footbridge hangs off the cliff face. It has recently been re-built so that visitors can now go up without climbing gear and without fearing for their lives!  You can however in places still see what the original one looked like, in case you need a reminder.  The views are extraordinary and a dream for photographers, but it is still a massive drop down if you’re not keen on heights.

Ardales Caves

Whilst in the area you can also visit the fascinating Ardales caves which were formed more than 120 million years ago.  Here you will find one of the largest collections of rock art in Europe and inside you can see silhouettes of more than 56 different animals from the Solutrean era as well as female figures.

Ardales, Things to do near Benahavis in AugustConde del Guadalhorce Lake

This beautiful turquoise lake is one of the 3 man-made reservoirs in the area. The wooded areas around the lake have been turned into lovely shaded camping areas with picnic tables and barbecue areas.  There’s a soft breeze coming through the trees, or you can cool off and enjoy a swim in the lake or even rent a pedalo or canoe.  It’s a romantic and relaxed place to come as a couple, or as active as you like for families.  There is also a small restaurant on the site which we’re told is very good. We will be trying it out very soon.



If you love to hike then El Chorro is a perfect place to explore. It has many hiking trails of varying difficulty – the Path of the Gaitanejo, the Mirador de las Buitreras and the Viewpoint of the Reservoirs are the three points that you shouldn’t miss if you decide to get your walking boots on.

If you want to come and experience real Andalucia, come and stay in a luxury apartment in Capanes del Golf, Benahavis. For all your local knowledge, and your property needs, contact us at Capanes Luxury Living, we’ll help you explore!

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Elton John at Starlite Festival in MarbellaThe Starlite Festival in Marbella is a summer celebration of music, spectacles, experiences and sensations.  

Six years ago, founders Sandra García-Sanjuán and her husband Ignacio Maluquer, discovered a quarry at the base of La Concha mountain, the famous back drop to Marbella.  This natural amphitheater was perfect for transforming into an open-air entertainment venue for the public to enjoy.  So now, every summer for 45 days, Starlite brings together an eclectic mix of national and international artists; as well as serving as a meeting point for friends and celebrities of the cultural, sporting and celebrity world. 

In the past we’ve been entertained by the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Lenny Kravitz, Lionel Richie, Laura Pausini, Ricky Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Julio Iglesias, Tom Jones, Pet Shop Boys, Alejandro Sanz, Bryan Adams, Tony Bennett, Plácido Domingo and Anastacia.   

Starlite also dedicates one night to philanthropy with its famous Starlite Gala, with Antonio Banderas as host, collecting funds for various foundations.

This year we are looking forward to performances by Elton John, Pretenders, Andrea Bocelli, Art Garfunkel, Gypsy Kings and Jason Derulo to name just a few.

We also love this for kids and grownups alike! “Disney in Concert: Magical Music from the Movies” which will be singers accompanied by a symphony orchestra.  You just can’t beat listening to music outside on a warm summer’s evening in such natural surroundings.  Capanes Luxury Living highly recommend this glamorous annual event to anyone coming on holiday to Capanes del Golf, or looking for a more permanent home to buy in Benahavis area.  And The Starlite Festival in Marbella is just 15 minutes drive away.
Starlite Festival in Marbella
As you can see from the aerial view, the backdrop is stunning, and there is a fantastic Gastronomy and Commercial Zone as well.  For more information and tickets: http://starlitemarbella.com/


Latest news in the Andalucian Property Market


Foreign buyers in Andalucia by Nationality

Each Spanish region attracts different foreign markets. The latest summary showed that the British are still a majority here in Andalucia, although much diminished due to Brexit and the weakening of the pound. After them come the Swedes and Belgians.

Buyers have become more sophisticated and demanding

As the incredible lifestyle of the Marbella area continues to spread, extending into surrounding areas such Benahavís, San Pedro de Alcántara and Elviria, new buyers are being offered a range of new build projects which are of a much better quality than in the past. We have also noted that buyers are willing to pay extra for fully refurbished re-sale properties that are in perfect, immediate move-in condition.  Others seem quite reluctant to buy older properties and reform them, preferring to leave this activity in the hands of specialists in that sector.

Some homeowners are overly optimistic about their exit prices

Now that the market has strengthened again, even if it is somewhat slower than in the cities, there has been an overly optimistic approach among some second-hand sellers who have their exit prices so high that very few potential buyers show interest to view them.

Those owners who really want to sell within a realistic timeframe make sure they work with experienced agents who have a true knowledge of the market and are aware of similar properties that are sold or have sold and so they can jointly establish a realistic price and marketing strategy.

Delays in the issuance of building permits in Marbella and the benefit to BenahavísBenahavis, Capanes Luxury Living

Despite the good work being done by Marbella Townhall in many areas such as security, garbage collection, cleaning, roads, beaches, etc. there is a lot of land qualified as urbanisable under the 1986 General Plan, the Department of Urbanism, which grants building permits and which is suffering serious delays.

This has meant many developers are acquiring plots in the neighbouring municipalities of Benahavís and Estepona. In these localities the process is faster: building permits are issued after three or four months from the presentation of the project, while in Marbella this procedure can take more than a year.

Tourism continues to grow

The number of tourists in Spain increased by 10.3% in 2016 from the record hit in 2015, reaching another peak of 75.6 million visitors, of which 23.6% were British.

According to the local press, in 2016 arrivals at Malaga airport increased significantly, highlighting the vital importance of the province Malaga and the Costa del Sol in the tourism sector in Spain and Europe.

It is clear that Spain is benefiting from the uncertainty regarding security and terrorism that is being experienced in some parts of the world.

Is the market now on the road to full recovery?

The market is very active and has made it through the crisis of a few years ago. Newly designed developments are selling very well, and second-hand properties located in the most sought-after and consolidated areas are also moving.

However the big difference between the market today and the one before 2012 is that there is now enough demand for properties in all price categories and all types, so, selling a property today is basically a matter of price. When owners adjust the starting price to the right level and the properties are perceived as a good offer, the market responds almost immediately.

What does the future hold?

In the last three or four years we have seen that the “middle” season in the area ie. autumn and spring activity is lengthening.  With a resident population of around 300,000 in the low season, bars, restaurants, hotels, golf courses and nightlife are remaining active for longer creating a year round season, unlike other Mediterranean tourist destinations such as the Balearics. This trend should improve the real estate market.

Marbella and its immediate neighbours are unique

IProperties for sale in Benahavisn addition to its incredible climate, the areas of Marbella, San Pedro de Alcántara, Benahavís and Estepona have been very careful to limit the volume of construction and maintain large green areas.

These factors combined with continually improving infrastructure and services, high levels of safety, more than 40 golf courses within a 20 minute drive, sports facilities in general and fantastic restaurants make the Marbella region the best tourist destination in Europe.

At Capanes Luxury Living, we have a very positive view on the future of real estate in our area.

Contact us today for any advice about the current Andalucian Property Market, or if you need assistance with buying or renting a property in Benahavis.


things to do near Benahavis in July

Inland temperatures soar in July so we’d always suggest staying on the coast in the daytime, and only going inland for evening events.  There’s a lot of things to do near Benahavis in July, in particular close by in Estepona – which is the municipality that backs on to Benahavis.

The Virgen del Carmen FestivalVirgen del Carmen Estepona

16 July 2017

Held in honor of the Patron Saint of fisherman and the sea, this festival is held every July on the 16th, however some towns celebrate before and after that day as well.  You will find celebrations going on in all the main fishing ports of the Costa del Sol – Estepona, Marbella, Fuengirola and Malaga.

Normally an image of the Virgin on a throne is paraded through the town, often carried by a group of men, led by a brass band. The Virgin is then placed onto a boat and floated around the bay, accompanied by local fishermen on their boats decorated with flowers and lanterns. It’s quite a beautiful sight.

For those who don’t have a boat, the locals get involved from the beachside, having picnics, throwing flowers in to the sea and watching the firework display. In Marbella the celebration includes a boat procession between the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella and Puerto Banus and there are performances by the local flamenco dance schools.

Catch one of these celebrations and you’ll see how the Spanish like to have fun!

Estepona Feria

4 to 9 July 2017

Estepona Feria, Things to do near Benahavis in JulyFor six days and six nights everything is a party in Estepona. It’s a great event for the whole family to go to. It kicks off with a massive firework display off the beach. Then during the day the party is in town, where there are parades, live music, food and drinks in stalls setup by the bars and restaurants. In the evening everyone moves up to the Fair ground which is just on the edge of town. It’s huge and noisy and something you must experience at least once when you are in Spain. Lit with thousands of light bulbs, the night fair goes until 6 in the morning, but you will see every age group there, from a new born to it’s Grandma. There are fairground rides, booming music, tents with more traditional music and tapas, stalls of tortillas de camarones (shrimp fritters) chocolate churros (like donuts) and candy floss. It’s an assault on your senses, the kids love it, teenagers love the Club music (and so do us adults if we’re flying solo!).

Find a great Beach Bar and RelaxBeach Bar, Things to do near Benahavis in July

Beach Bars in Spain are known as Chiringuitos. They are normally the more rustic one’s serving Spanish cuisine rather than the upmarket Beach Clubs. They are dotted all the way along the coast.   We have favourites nearby Capanes del Golf, such as Guayaba in San Pedro, El Velerin on the way to Estepona and Kala Kalua also on San Pedro beachfront to name just a few. Take a seat, enjoy the breeze, eat your favourite meat or seafood with a glass of wine or chilled beer – and relax.  Nothing more complicated than that!

Visit Tarifa to Cool off

Tarifa, Things to do near Benahavis in JulyTarifa is just an hours drive from Benahavis and the Costa del Sol, but it’s another world. It is on the Costa de la Luz, which is wilder, often very windy, has beautiful beaches and is a surfers paradise. Even if you don’t surf though, the bohemian vibe of the chiringuitos (see above) dotted along the coast line can’t fail to disappoint.

Tarifa Town, Things to do near Benahavis in JulyThe old walled town of Tarifa itself is definitely worth a visit as well. It’s tiny little cobbled lanes are full of restaurants, bars and little boutique hotels and shops. The town comes alive late in the evening after about 11pm – typical of Spain! If you want to stay over anywhere in Tarifa you’ll need to book well in advance as its gets very busy in July and August.  Any time of year is a great to visit the “Coast of Light”.


If you want to come and experience the Benahavis area from the luxury of a holiday apartment in Capanes del Golf, contact us at Capanes Luxury Living.  For all your local knowledge, and your property needs:

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With the May bank holidays, tourists start to come to the Costa del Sol, especially as the weather becomes more settled.  Here are some of our choice things to do near Benahavis at this time of year.


15 May 2017

The feast of San Isidro in Estepona is one of the most popular events in this town, which is just 20 minutes drive away from Benahavis.  The streets of the old town are covered with ferns and palms, and houses are decorated with pots and farm products.  There are street vendors selling traditional food and drinks, with music and in the evening there is a parade of decorated carriages.

Romantic Ronda fair

25 to 28 May 2017

Romantic Ronda FairThis wonderful event is held every year in the historic town of Ronda.  For four days the residents of Ronda travel back in time to when the Royal May Fair took place, back in the sixteenth century.  They wear fantastic costumes, and the streets and shop windows are decorated with garlands and oleanders, as well as all sorts of antique furniture and objects. Pennants and banners are hung from the lampposts.Romantic Ronda Fair

To re-create even more atmosphere, restaurants prepare traditional dishes, but can only cook and prepare food in stoves or portable cookers. There will be no electric light, it will be obtained from oil lamps, kerosene lamps or candles.

There will be horse parades, re-enactments of battles, street theatre and live music.  A great day out for all the family.  Might even be worth booking a hotel for the night so you don’t have to do the 1 hour drive from the coast.


5 May to 5 JuneConil Tuna Fair

We love visiting the Costa de la Luz, it’s not far but you feel like you’ve gone to a different country.  A beautiful, less developed coast line of stunning beaches and windier climes. Conil Tuna Route is held each year from May 5th to June 5th. It is a celebration of local gastronomy and restaurants, featuring the bluefin tuna as the main ingredient.  Conil is located about 1.5 hours drive away from Benahavis.

The “Almadraba” tuna is famous for it’s quality, and from way back in time it has been fished using traditional methods from the shores of Conil, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa (Cádiz, Spain).  It is possible to go and see the techniques that are still in use today.

The Almadraba TunaSome of the events this year include:

I Festival Alma Flamenca (1st Flamenco Soul Festival)  at Casa de la Cultura de Conil (Conil House of Culture), on Fridays May 5th and 19th, and on Saturday May 27th. from 22:00 each evening.

I Jornada del Oro Rojo (1st Red Gold Conference) at Pub Pirata, on Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th, from 12:00. It includes performances, tuna cutting and tapas.

Ruta Almadrabera por Conil (Almadraba Tour around Conil) every Saturday of May, starting at 11:00. This tour is designed to show participants the history of Conil revolving around Almadrabas. If you wish to join in, you have to sign up in advance at the Tourism Office.

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How to get a mortgage in Spain – A guide for foreigners

Resident or Non-Resident

How to get a Mortgage in Spain, Capanes Luxury Living

If you are looking to stay long term, or perhaps want a holiday home, then you may be in need of a mortgage in Spain (unless you’re one of the lucky cash buyers).  A mortgage in Spanish is called a “Hipoteca” (you don’t pronounce the “H”).

Spain of course loves foreigners to invest in property. On our development, Capanes del Golf, we have investors from all over the world, including Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian, German, Russian and of course English.

Non-residents can get a mortgage for a home in Spain, however the products on offer often have more restrictions on them than those available for residents.

Generally mortgages on second homes are considered more risky and are therefore offered at higher rates. So, if you are looking to purchase a second home, you will need to have available 30-40% deposit to secure a mortgage.

For people intending to reside in Spain it is much better, you should only need a deposit of about 20%. No matter what your circumstances, everyone has to pay fees and taxes, which can amount to a further 12-15%.

What is the process of getting a mortgage in Spain?

Mortgage in Spain for foreignersMortgage providers do vary on how they assess your creditworthiness. Most banks will check your current outgoings along with any existing loan repayments you have, in order to make sure that any new debt is still affordable.  You will be required to complete a personal balance sheet to show your existing financial arrangements, and to provide documents to prove your income and outgoings.

Most mortgages in Spain are arranged on a tracker basis, following the European Central Bank lending rates.
Fixed rate mortgages are available but not as popular as central interest rates have traditionally been quite low in the Euro area.

As with any financial decision, it is important you get good financial advice, consider your mortgage options carefully and ensure you can afford payment even if interest rates rise.

Additional costs of arranging a mortgage in Spain include:

Mortgage deed duty – 1.8% of the loan
Bank fees – about 1% to 1.5% of the mortgage amount. Notary fees – up to 0.5% of the loan value.
Valuation/broker fee – if you use one
10% VAT if you buy a new build property
Or 5-10% sales tax of the value of a re-sale property of the value

Buying a property in Spain is not as hard as some like to make out, as long as you ensure you take good financial and legal advice before you enter into any agreements.

Capanes Luxury Living would be happy to provide you with reliable legal and financial contacts. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to get a Mortgage in Spain, Capanes Luxury Living


At last the clocks have gone forward, we’ve got longer evenings and warmer, brighter days. Which means there are more things to do near Benahavis – in fact the tourist season starts now. You cannot avoid Semana Santa (Easter Week) in Spain, that’s for sure.

So here’s our potted guided to a few things we like to do in April.

Semana Santa (Easter Week) in Benahavis

9 to 16 April 2017

Easter in BenahavisAlthough nothing in comparison to the Easter parades held in the towns and cities, Benahavis does have its own quirky take on proceedings. Each year two women and two men are in charge of ordering and “stealing” products from local orchards, such as fruits, vegetables and animals! On the Holy Saturday, they prepare a so-called “Orchard of the Child”, a cottage made of eucalyptus leaves, mimosas and a floor of mint leaves. They also make a doll representing Judas, who is hung from the trunk of a Eucalyptus tree brought up from the Capanes area, which is then shot at! It’s all a little complicated to follow but we love it none the less!

Semana Santa (Easter Week) in Malaga

9 to 16 April 2017

Things to do near Benahavis, Easter Parades MalagaAs mentioned, there are massive parades across all of Spain during Holy Week known as Semana Santa. In Andalucia the largest ones are in Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Granada. We’ll tell you about Malaga as it is within an hours drive of where we live on Capanes del Golf in Benahavis.

The celebrations revolve almost exclusively around the processions of the brotherhoods or fraternities. These associations have their origins in the Middle Ages. The membership is usually open to any Catholic person.

Things to do near Benahavis, Easter Parades MalagaA common feature is the wearing of the nazareno or penitential robe in the
processions. As the garment consists of a tunic, and a pointy hood concealing the face, it often gets likened to Klu Klux Klan, but has nothing to do with that. Although it has the same eary effect. The nazarenos carry processional candles or wooden crosses, and may walk the city streets barefoot. Some even wear shackles or chains on their feet as penance.

As well as this, the large groups of the brotherhood carry massive and magnificent floats which are designed around the Passion of Christ or the Virgin Mary. Some are quite ancient.

In Malaga the atmosphere is less sombre than some cities, with military bands playing processional marches or singing their anthems along the route. It’s a unique experience if you are visiting Andalucia at this time.

Fuengirola international Festival

27 April to 1 May 2017

FIP Fuengirola International Fair, near BenahavisWe love this event, it’s a massive celebration of all things international, which is what the Costa del Sol is made of. Held every year in Fuengirola (45 minutes drive from Benahavis) the Feria Internacional de los Pueblos is a day not to be missed.

For five days ‘casetas’ or bars offer the best of food, drink, music and dancing from around 30 countries and regions of the world.

It also promotes products from as many as 20 different producers in the local province of Malaga.

There is a fun fair and all sorts of stuff for the kids as well.

It’s a feast for the eyes, ears and stomach! We particularly enjoyed the Brazilian stand’s mojitos, and Capoeira dancers. We came away with some henna tattoos as well from the Indian Caseta. A great day out for friends and family. Highly recommended by us at Capanes Luxury Living!

Golf in Spring in Benahavis

El Higueral, Capanes del GolfIf you’re a golfer, April is a fantastic time to visit what’s commonly known as the Costa del Golf. It’s not too hot, and there are so many golf courses to choose from. For beginners or anyone wanting an easy warm up to other golf courses, our development Capanes del Golf is surrounded by one of the few 9 hole golf courses in the area, El Higueral. The course is very affordable, even though it is connected to the famous Marbella Golf & Country Club. It’s a 36 par course with beautiful views to the surrounding countryside, beautifully manicured greens and elegant lakes.

If you want to come and experience the Benahavis area from the luxury of a holiday apartment in Capanes del Golf, contact us at Capanes Luxury Living.  For all your local knowledge, and your property needs:

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