Antonio Banderas Malaga Theatre Project to be even bigger than first planned!

Antonio Banderas Malaga Theatre Project to be even bigger than first planned!

We are super excited about this new project in Malaga City Centre! You may know that the famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas was born and raised in Malaga, Spain. He is very passionate about his home town and is investing millions into the Arts.

Antonio lives in Malaga and has recently starred in a film about Picasso who was also born in Malaga.


The new Teatro de Soho Caixabank will seat nearly 900 people

The recent changes to the Teatro de Soho Caixabank Project, will see a bigger performing arts venue than the one he originally planned.

Revised plans submitted to the planning authorities in Malaga will now include the second floor of the old Teatro Alameda in Malaga.  It used to be used as an additional room for small screenings.

This will mean that there is now space for 896 seats and will restore the main auditorium to its original ceiling height.

Other changes include a bar, restaurant and another space for productions.  The facades will create the impression that they are part of the theatre and will flow perfectly.


The Teatro de Soho Caixabank is due to be completed 15 July 2019. We are looking forward to receivng our tickets to the opening!

We are hoping that the Theatre will attract big name actors and actresses to Malaga. With Antonio´s name behind we are sure this will happen!

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