WHAT TO DO in Benahavis

Activities in Benahavis

The area of Benahavis is ideally situated, surrounded by countryside and mountains, but close to the beach and town life. This means there is a wide range of different types of activities in Benahavis itself, as well as within easy traveling distance. Here are some of the activities that we at Capanes Luxury Living recommend. The list we expect will never be finished, as we are always adding to it! We've broken it down into groups - Cultural, Relaxed and Active. Depending on your mood, there is something for everyone!

Cultural Activities

Wine Tasting - Bodegon Wine Gallery
Located in the heart of Benahavis, Bodegon is great place to taste wines from the region, as well as the rest of Spain. They also serve local cheeses, meats and olive oil, and you can eat in the restaurant.

Historic Visit - Marbella Old Town
Take a walk around the pretty lanes of the old town in Marbella. As well as some lovely restaurants and boutiques, there are also some really interesting and beautiful historic landmarks. These include the ruins of a 9th century Moorish castle and the 16th century City Hall (Ayuntamiento) located in Plaza de Los Naranjos (called Orange Square due to its abundance of Orange Trees). Just off this pretty square is the Capilla de Santiago Apóstol (Chapel of Saint James the Apostle), a former Hospital Bazán and the massive La Encarnación Church. All of which date back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Finding these sights down the tiny alleyways of the Casco Antiguo (Old Town) of Marbella is a great way to cool off and see a more cultural side to the Costa del Sol.

Flamenco - La Antigua Restaurant
Throughout the summer months, this beach front restaurant located about 10-15 minutes drive from Benahavis has a weekly flamenco show. It's best to pre-book and check the show is on first, but its a lovely setting, with good food and service. The show is very lively, with musicians, singers and dancers. A lovely family friendly evening out.

Historic Visit - Ronda
Ronda is located within an hours drive of Benahavis, heading inland from the coast. It has a long and at times violent history, dating right back to Roman times under the reign of Julius Caesar. It's most impressive feature that people go to see is the Puente Nuevo ("New Bridge") which spans a deep canyon. It took just over 40 years to build and was completed in 1793. The bridge is a vertigo inducing 120 metres (390 ft) above the canyon floor! Ronda also lays claim to having the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain. So with its long bullfighting heritage, stunning architecture and beautiful countryside, it's no wonder the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles spent their summers here. On visiting you can see how Ronda was a real source of inspiration for both writers.

Relaxed Activities

Torre de la Leonora Park, Benahavis
A picture perfect little park at the foot of Benahavis village. These gardens are a joy to wander around, although it doesn't take long, it's not very big. There is an old tower and a little amphitheater. People often go with their children and have picnics there. No dogs are allowed, which we suppose does help keep it so pristine.

Orchid House, Estepona
Even if you are not in to gardening, the Orchid House is an interesting place to visit if you find yourself wandering around Estepona for the day. The state of the art recently built "Orquidario" has a 30 metre high central glass dome, with 8000 different species of orchid on display. You follow a pathway through the various planting areas, and on to a 17 metre high waterfall that you can walk behind.

Thalasso Spa, Barcelo Hotel, Estepona
About 10 minutes drive from Capanes del Golf is we believe the best spa in the area. It is part of the Barcelo Hotel in Cancelada, which is on the road going to Estepona. It is for adults only of 17 years+. Uniquely, the water in the spa comes straight from the Mediterranean thus providing a diversity of vitamins, calcium, iron, protein and minerals. The spa circuit includes a Dynamic swimming-pool with a counterflow system; Active swimming-pool with more than 20 rest spots; beds from air to water, gooseneck, bank of bubbles, cascades and massage jets, cold contrast pool, pebble path, Finnish sauna, hammam, aroma bath, ice fountain, different showers, and a relaxation area with jasmine tea. You come out feeling so relaxed and cleansed, it feels like you are floating on air!!

Active activities

Costa Cycling Experience, Benahavis
The beautiful surroundings and year round warm weather make cycling one of the more popular activities in the Benahavis area. Whether you're a beginner, or more experienced, Costa Cycling have all your needs covered. They arrange accommodation, cycle hire, guided tours, training camps and more.

Canyoning, Benahavis
Flowing around the base of the village of Benahavis is the Guadalmina River. Over the centuries it has cut a deep river gorge, which eventually finds its way out on to a flood plain, before reaching the coast. With the winter rains (yes it does rain here occasionally!) the river surges through the cutting, bringing rocks and boulders down with it. However, come spring, the river level drops which enables people to explore in safety. There are a number of professional companies that will take you down stream, and they provide safety helmets and wetsuits. You don't need to be super fit to do the canyoning in Benahavis, you just need to be a little brave, and a good swimmer. A little brave, because first they get you to jump off some rocks in to a clear water pool. Next you get lead down the river bed, scrambling and sliding across the rocks. Then you get to swim through the canyon itself, which is like an open topped cave, with its massive high walls. It really is quite stunning. Then further downstream there is steep drop which they provide you with equipment to abseil down it. Its not massively high, but high enough not to jump it! After about a 2.5 hour journey, you'll be glad to put your feet up, but with a real sense of achievement and wonder at nature.

X Life Tours, Estepona
This tour company is just 5 minutes drive down the road from Capanes Del Golf in Benahavis. They offer a number of tours, one of which is a Buggy adventure. These little 4 wheel open sided vehicles are built for going off road, so they are great for a bit of fun and seeing the scenery. Depending on how many hours you book, your guide will take you on a journey through mountain trails and across river beds, to visit castles, see scenic spots and maybe stop for a picnic. You need a driving license if you are the driver, but anyone above 4 years old can be a passenger.

Sur Walks, Benahavis
This is the best way to discover hidden Andalucia. On foot, explore the beautiful hills and mountains that are just a few minutes drive inland away from the hubbub of the coast. Sur Walks offers lots of different hiking tours and holidays, to suit all levels. One of her tours leads you up the valley of the Guadalmina River to the remains of the Moorish castle of Montemayor. From Montemayor there are magnificent views over the coast, the water reservoir, and Benahavis village. The tour ends with some traditional tapas in Benahavis village.

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